Mission and Purposes

(Bryant setting a problem at the newly constructed Beta Fish, Feb. 2016)

Climb Athens is different.  We are:
  1. A club.  We are a social club for climbers, not a climbing gym.  
  2. Non profit.  Our number one priority is building community rather than making money.
  3. Volunteer run.  Bryant and Ted are donating their time to help Climb Athens get a strong start.  
  4. Member driven.  We need you to become a member and to get involved.  Your support will allow us to meet our short term goals (gymnastic pads, new holds, 501c7 application) and our long term goal of building a full service bouldering facility in Athens, Ohio.  
  5. Purpose built.   We are organized to fulfill the following purposes, in short
    1. Be a social club for climbers
    2. Build a supportive learning community
    3. Establish high quality climbing facilities
    4. Organize climbing events
    5. Encourage healthy, active lifestyles
    6. Advocate for climbing in the region

Here is the official description of our Mission and Purposes according to our LLC application and our operating agreement:

General Purposes.  The Company is organized and operated for the following general purposes:
  1. Exclusively as a social club organized and operated for the pleasure and recreation of its members within the meaning of 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (as amended) or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law.
  2. To exercise such of the rights, powers, duties and authority of a nonprofit Company organized under the Nonprofit Company Act of the State of OHIO which are consistent with the preceding paragraph.
  3. The Company shall not engage in the business of making its social and recreational facilities available to the general public.  Further, the Company shall not make any solicitation of the general public to utilize club facilities.

Specific Purposes.  The specific purposes of Climb Athens LLC include, without limitation, the following:
  1. Build a supportive, cooperative learning community for climbers of all levels to develop their skills and character.
  2. Establish high quality, accessible, and inspiring climbing facilities in Athens Ohio.
  3. Organize events for members to socialize and participate in the activities of bouldering, climbing, training, and recreation related to climbing and bouldering.
  4. Encourage healthy, lifelong active lifestyles through bouldering and climbing.
  5. Advocate for climbing and a healthy, active lifestyle locally across Athens County, and more broadly across the Appalachian region.
  6. Such other purposes and activities as are both lawful and in accord with the above stated General Purposes.

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