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Coming soon to Athens Ohio!   (but only if you get involved and help make it happen)

Climbers living in Athens Ohio have long dreamed of having a great climbing resource in town (like this new bouldering gym in Leiden, Germany).   But the unfortunate reality is that these amazing modern bouldering gyms result from investors who see a great money making opportunity.   Athens is too small of a market for that.   
However, there is an alternative model.  It is based on the community getting together to pool resources and build a great gym that is for the community, and provided by the community.   The best example is the Slo-Op in San Luis Obispo California.   This gym grew from a home bouldering wall located in a storage facility into two locations with 1000's of square feet of climbing and hundreds of members.  See the Slo Op page.
To make the Slo Op happen they focused on building community, leveraging the resources that they already had, and organizing as a non-profit social club.  That is what we at Climb Athens are doing now for Athens, but to do that, we need your help.  

Become a member of the community and support the effort, and here is how: 

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