About Us

Climb Athens is run on the volunteer labor of the members, board of directors, and managers.  This three part structure is a really important aspect of Climb Athens.  

Members:   Members generate new ideas.  In addition to getting together to climb, members are encouraged to discuss the operation and future plans of Climb Athens.  Through conversation in person and online, the membership are responsible for expressing their vision of the future of Climb Athens, as well as electing members to the board of directors.  Through community participation we hope to make better collective decisions about how best to achieve the purposes of Climb Athens.

The Board of Directors:  The board members develop the ideas of the members into long term plans.  are asked to meet regularly to both make decisions about how best to work towards the purposes of Climb Athens, to assess current programs, and when necessary, appoint managers who are responsible for managing the day to day operation of Climb Athens programs and facilities.  The board is composed of members, appointed by the board (the managers) and members, elected by the membership.  The initial board will include Jesse Stock, Bryant Noble and Ted Welser.  Plus we will be holding an election for two additional directors to be elected by the members after the fall 2016 membership drive is completed.  Maybe you should run for a position!

Managers:   The managers put plans into action for the day to day operation of Climb Athens.  As mentioned above, the founding managers are Bryant Noble  and Ted Welser. Ted and Bryant are volunteering as managers in order to build community, improve the local climbing resources, and facilitate progress towards the purposes of Climb Athens.

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