Plan for Growth

Our plan for growth has three phases, the first of which starts Autumn of 2016.

Phase 1: Build core membership.   In Autumn 2016 we aim to build a core of dedicated members, formally establish the organization with LLC and 501c7 status, and purchase gymnastic mats and climbing holds.  Because Climb Athens does not yet have a climbing facility, we will work cooperatively with community members to provide benefits to members.  This includes arranging regular access to existing home bouldering walls, taking local bouldering tours, and offering skill and training workshops.     

We estimate that we will need 40 to 50 local members who have also paid the 9 month access fee for fall 2016 through Spring 2017.   If we reach our goal of 40 active members then we will be able to offer 2 regular weekly climbing events at Beta Fish, in addition to special events like bouldering tours and competitions.  

Phase 1 resources:   Climb Athens is utilizing home bouldering and local sandstone boulders as climbing resources during our initial phase of organization.  

Beta Fish is in the corner of a very large garage with a 12ft tall ceiling.  The main walls include an 8ft wide 40 degree wall with overhanging aretes, a 20 degree wall, and a couple dihedrals.  The 40 degree wall includes a Moon / Kilter hybrid board allowing for both extremely difficult problems and easier juggy ones too.   Beta fish has two hangboards.  

Phase 2:  Build a bouldering gym.   In Summer of 2017 we plan to rent a commercial space and build a bouldering gym in Athens Ohio.  We will fund the startup costs primarily from pre-sale of annual passes and personal loans from community members who want to support active and healthy lifestyle options in Athens Ohio.   During Phase 2 we will expand our membership, greatly extend the hours of availability for the Climb Athens gym and expand the instructional programs to include a youth climbing club. (Nice Minecraft mockup!)

Phase 3:  Full service climbing gym.   In Summer of 2019 we hope to build a use-specific gym that includes bouldering, climbing, yoga and fitness facilities.   This long term goal will require a growth in membership and collaboration with other local businesses.     

Join the community and participate in the discussion by becoming a lifetime member:   Starting in September 2016 folks will: submit membership application, complete a waiver, and pay $20 to Climb Athens LLC. Membership lasts a lifetime, and only costs $20.   Membership grants you opportunity to purchase access to the Climb Athens FB group and opportunity to participate in discussions about the goals, policies, programs, etc of Climb Athens.  

Local Access Passes 2016:

For Athens and local climbers Climb Athens can offer access passes for Dojo and Beta Fish for September 2016  to May 31, 2017.    Climb Athens plans for a regular schedule of 2 nights per location each week.  A limited number of access passes are available for Fall 2016.   We are seeking 20-25 student members ($100 access pass) and 20-25 ($150 access pass) adult members.

Alumni Access passes 2016:  Participate in and support climb Athens from afar!   Life may have drawn you away from Athens, for now, but you will certainly swing back through town.   The Alumni Access pass costs $50 and includes lifetime membership, a Climb Athens t-shirt; and two day passes.  

Short term capital goals:  As a non profit, with volunteer workers all of our membership fees and access passes go towards improving the climbing resources and building capital for phase 2.  Primary purchase goals for fall are three gymnastic mats each 12X6 feet by 12 inches thick, climbing holds for Beta Fish, and insurance.  

Long term financial goals:

Our long term goals are to divide our incomes equally to three areas:  fixed costs (rent, utilities, insurance), staffing; and investment for improvement of climbing resources (holds, walls, etc).   

Transparency of finances and financial planning with membership is a fundamental principle of the community focus of Climb Athens.  Once we are up and running we will keep our balance sheet and financial goal statements online with reading access for all members.

In the short term, we will rely on the generosity of key members who are making initial loans, will be working as volunteers, and minimizing fixed costs, in order to put as much of our membership fees into improving our current climbing resources and investing for Phase #2.  

In fall 2016 we hope to raise between $8,000 and $11,000 to cover the purchase of short term climbing and safety equipment, cover operating costs, and invest for Phase 2.   

In Spring 2017 we hope to raise between $40,000 and $45,000 to support the expansions necessary for Phase 2.  During Spring of 2017 the membership and board of directors will be working actively to find a suitable location for Phase 2, design the wall and facility, and begin construction in Summer of 2017.  

Once Phase 2 begins Climb Athens will work to meet the needs of membership while growing new programs, including: climbing technique lessons, youth climbing clubs, bouldering competitions, and other programs desired by members.  

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